Who are we?

We are two brothers who were born in a small country called Croatia. At the beginning of our lives, everyone told us to follow the ‘life script’ of being good at school, have good grades, enrolling to a college and get a high-paying job that you might won’t like. We followed that script for many years, but one morning it all stopped while Antonio got the interview to volunteer in Vietnam as an English teacher.

He soon packed his staff and moved to Vietnam for an indefinite time. He loved Vietnam and he shared the stories and experiences with his brother David. After a while, David came to Vietnam and they together did an epic trip around Vietnam with the motorbikes.

We want to share with you a true Vietnam!

Many people are sharing just the touristic highlights about Vietnam, but we want to give you details and insights about local people, traditions and culture!

This site can be an ultimate resource while you’re preparing for your next trip to Vietnam.

How Did Our Journey Start?

At first, Antonio went to Vietnam to volunteer in the countryside of the north. He really liked his time there, so he stayed for 4 months exploring the countryside, learning about people and teaching English and other useful skill to the community. During that time, he fell in love with Vietnam, so he decided to stay even more and move to Vietnam to live.

After some time, David joined him for an epic motorbike trip across the whole country with the bikes.

We experienced many ups and downs on our trip, but all of that made us stronger and better persons. Also, our connection became so much stronger and we decided to share our story with people around the world.

What Is Our Mission?

We want to help you with the information when it comes to planning a trip around Vietnam.

We will share specific routes that we took during our trip and why we think these routes can provide you with a stunning experience.

But, it’s not all we want to share!

We fell in love with Vietnam and we want to share our love for the country with you!

On the site, you will be able to find so many details about the places, culture, and traditions which will prepare you for a cultural shock you might experience when traveling through Vietnam.

Also, we want to travel and live in specific places around Vietnam for a month and providing you with detailed information about the place and people. During our journeys, we’re going to support local communities, especially people in the countryside.

Want to get involved or you’re looking for a specific information?

Don’t hesitate and contact us today!

Who are we?

Hello everyone! We’re brothers who’re traveling and living around Vietnam. We travel on the tiny budget, exploring off-the-beaten-path, supporting local communities and showing you the life in Vietnam through local’s eyes. Learn and discover stunning Vietnam with us! Let’s connect and share some great stories and experiences together!

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