What is the Best Working Cafe in Da Nang?

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Working remotely became a huge trend and opportunity for professionals to set their office anywhere and experience the beauty of the world while working on the projects. South East Asia is slowly becoming the major hub of digital nomads, so Vietnam is getting on that list pretty fast. Da Nang is one of the most developed coastal cities in central Vietnam that is known for a small, but fast-growing community of digital nomads.

The city is very clean, people are relaxed, the beach is just next to the city center, the infrastructure is great, the international airport is just in the city center and the internet is fast! What more to ask for as a digital nomad looking for a place to be productive? There are many cafes popping up each day that are suitable for the work - delicious Vietnamese coffee, ergonomic seats and fast internet (also, the staff doesn't mind if you stay there for few hours!).

Although there are few coworking spaces in Da Nang where you can buy passes and work in the specifically designed office, we prefer working in small and cozy local cafes.

When working on this list of the best cafe places in Da Nang to make your work done, we had in mind the next specifications:

  • How fast and reliable is the internet?
  • Comfortable chairs and tables
  • Enough power outlets for charging your laptop and other technology
  • Quality of coffee/other drinks
  • Prices
  • Location
  • Atmosphere in the coffee shop

Let's check out our favorite working cafes in Da Nang!

Allen Coffee

Allen coffee

Photo was taken by Allen Coffee

By far our favorite cafe in Da Nang where you can do some serious work done! It's located just on the banks of Han River in Hai Chau district and their menu selection, friendly staff and countless tables to set up your office is simply amazing. The cafe has a few floors, but due to lack of customers, only the first two floors are opened.

There is a terrace where you can work, surrounded by trees and birds that can help you in focusing on the work. Also, almost every table has a power outlet which is a huge benefit for people who needs to do some work- Coffee is very delicious and we're usually drinking their Ca Phe Sua Saigon (one of the best we had a chance to try in the city!).

The cafe is a bit crowded during the morning hours since locals flock in to socialize and enjoy their morning coffee before hitting the work.

Anyway, there are so many seats where you set up your office so it won't be a problem, but sometimes in these hours, the noise is a bit annoying. Allen coffee intierior

Photo was taken by Allen Coffee

The Internet is stable and pretty fast. We were uploading many videos on YouTube with ultra-fast speed there. Prices range from 30,000 - 60,000 VND for all drinks, but the staff will never mind if you're sitting there even for 8 hours! Also, they are so friendly and they usually bring us a huge pot of delicious and potent tea free of cost.

The parking site is just across the cafe where you can park your bike for free.

Facebook page: Allen Coffee

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 9 AM - 10 PM

Mua Coffee Shop

Mua coffee interior

Photo was taken by Mua Coffee Shop

If you're looking for a modern and cozy place around An Thuong area then you might find your next favorite place where you can do some serious work. Mua Cafe is an amazing place that is designed for students and remote workers in mind. Whenever you come, you'll meet other digital nomads working on their project as well as dozens of students learning in a quiet area.

The cafe has three floors with few terraces. On the first floor, there are small tables and couches which isn't the best for working, but you can still do some work there. When you climb up to a second floor, there are just a few couches and many big tables with fans and AC where you can really do some great work.

At that floor, there is a quiet area with the AC where you have about 10 tables with very comfortable chairs and many power outlets. That's the place where we usually do some serious work. Also, on the second floor, there are few small balconies with tiny chairs overlooking the street, so if that's your preferred place to work then you'll have an amazing time.

A third floor is a small rooftop with few tables and chairs. People usually have meetings there and it's very hot to work during the day while during the night is loud and crowded. Being productive in Mua coffee

Photo was taken by Mua Coffee Shop

They have a huge selection of coffee and other fresh beverages like smoothies and juices (for juice, they, unfortunately, use syrup, not fresh fruit). Their prices range from 25,000 - 50,000 VND. Also, the internet is very fast and reliable. They have few access points, so if you have trouble with one, you can easily switch to another one.

Another great thing we love about Mua Cafe is that they give you a glass bottle of water every time you go there, so you won't be dehydrated!

Facebook page: Mua Coffee Shop

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 6 AM - 10:45 PM

Moon Coffee

Moon coffee interior

Photo was taken by Moon Coffee

Are you a type of digital nomad who enjoys stunning views while working? If so, then Moon Cafe is probably the cafe to go! It's located just next to a Dragon Bridge in Hai Chau district near Nguyen Van Linh street that connects the airport with the beach. There are two floors, one airconditioned with chilled music and another on the rooftop which is more for the meetings than working.

Also, on the first floor that is a small terrace where you can set up your office and have a direct view of Dragon Bridge. The only downside of the terrace is the noise since it's just on one of the busiest streets in Da Nang (a few more power outlets would be more than appreciated too!).

Inside, there are about 8 tables with power outlets where you can sit for a long period of time and focus on the work. There are few couches so if you prefer something like that, you'll love it.

Also, there is a huge part where you can sit on the floor and set up your laptop on a small table. We usually love to work there as that's the perfect way to do a bit of stretching as you're working. Moon coffee balcony

Photo was taken by Moon Coffee

Coffee and their menu selection is huge and the prices aren't too huge. The price ranges from 25,000 - 60,000 for their beverages. We really love their milk coffee! Also, the internet is quite fast and reliable. We uploaded huge files while working there without any problems or interruptions. Staff usually don't mind if you stay there for many hours so you can just focus on your work!

Facebook page: Moon Coffee

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 7 AM - 11 PM

Six on Six Cafe

Six on Six cafe in the garden

Photo was taken by Six on Six coffee

Probably every digital nomad or who wants to become one heard for Six on Six Cafe. Whenever we come there, it's filled with like-minded people who're focusing on their projects. There is a small community of expats who are working every day together, so if you're looking to connect and get into the community in Da Nang, head over to this one.

The location is a bit outside the city, but it's just next to the beach which is perfect when you have to take a break from work. Once you set your feet to the cafe, you'll be greeted with a tiny garden area where you can set up your office. There are many tables outside as well inside in the air-conditioned area.

The Internet is probably one of the fastest and most reliable we had a chance to work on in Da Nang. Their coffee and beverage selection is huge! If you're a coffee lover then you will definitely fall in love with this cafe since they have professional baristas who know a lot about coffee. You can also learn a lot from them as they are very passionate about their job!

That's one of the best places to enjoy an iconic Vietnamese coffee since they have many ways of preparation including cold brew, Aeropress, french press and pour over. Another interesting fact about their coffee is that they use 100% Arabica beans from the coffee farms around Da Lat.

Did you know that the majority of Vietnamese coffee is made from cheaper and easier to produce Robusta beans?

Learn more about Vietnamese coffee: A guide to traditional Vietnamese coffee

Probably the best thing about Six on Six is that they have a menu with healthy meals and fresh fruit smoothies!

That's perfect for people who plan to spend a whole day grinding on the project without having to lose time to eat. Simply refill your energy whenever and keep your creative flows in high levels! Prices range from 30,000 - 120,000 VND. While it's not the cheapest place, you'll probably won't mind to pay a bit extra!

Facebook page: Six on Six Cafe

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 8 AM - 5 PM

43 Factory Coffee

43 factory

Photo was taken by 43 Factory Coffee

43 Factory is one of the places where you'll have a chance to try only the best coffee beans in Vietnam, but also from around the world. The interior, but also exterior definitely stand out. Once you get there, the place is all in the glass with a modern design from outside including a small garden and few pools with water.

When you get inside, you'll immediately get hit by coffee aroma! That's the best thing ever if you're a coffee addict and at the same time a digital nomad looking for the place to get the job done!

Did you know Da Nang is the most livable Vietnamese city? Read more why living in Da Nang is AWESOME.

In the middle of the cafe, there is a bar with few baristas that are very knowledgeable about the coffee beans, ways of preparation and even a history of coffee.

We had a great time just talking with them and getting as much information as possible about the coffee.

When it comes to working, they have long tables with very comfortable seats that is ideal for long-sessions of focused work. They have many different options when it comes to coffee including a regular espresso, french press, syphon (which is btw. very interesting process to watch!), pour over as well as non-caffeine options.

You can also enjoy various selection of tea, juices from the fresh fruits and even craft beer! Working at 43 factory coffee

Photo was taken by 43 Factory Coffee

There are many power outlets as the coffee shop is specifically designed with the work in mind. The prices are a bit on the higher side and you should expect to pay from 50,000 - 100,000 VND for a coffee.

The Internet is really fast and we never had any problems while working there. Staff is super friendly and helpful, and the chilled music in the background makes 43 Factory and ideal cafe for digital nomads in Da Nang!

Facebook page: 43 Factory Coffee

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 8 AM - 10 PM

Joy Box Coffee

Joy Box coffee from the outside

Photo was taken by Joy Box Coffee

Joy Box Coffee was a random and pleasant discovery for us! Are you a type of nomad who is looking for extraordinary design of cafe place? Well, there is hardly a coffee shop in Da Nang that can beat this one! The whole design and coffee shop is based in and around 4 ship containers. Inside ship containers, there are cozy seats and tables with many power outlets.

Outside you can enjoy a breeze and a tiny garden with a fish pond while working on the project. They have a huge selection of coffee and sweet food like cakes and croissants. We really enjoyed their coconut coffee, so definitely try it while going there! Staff is extremely friendly and helpful, so you won't have any problems while working for long hours there.

The Internet is very reliable and fast with a few different access points, so expect no problems while working there.

Facebook page: Joy Box Coffee 

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 7 AM - 10:30 PM

Mia Coffee Roastery

Mia coffee roastery

Photo was taken by Mia Coffee Roastery

As the name tells, Mia Coffee is a cozy cafe that roasts their own coffee beans that originate from mountainous Da Lat in the south of Vietnam. The cafe is very spacious with many seats and tables and they are definitely after a simplistic design - we love it! The wood and brick inter. The place has two floors with many tables where you can set up your office and also almost every table is just next to a power outlet.

Another memorable thing about this cafe is definitely a pleasant smell of roasted coffee, especially when you walk through the doors for the first time!

Staff is extremely friendly and welcoming and also they have western dishes on the menu like pasta and bacon/cheese. The Internet is extremely fast and reliable while the location is just in the city center!

Facebook page: Mia Coffee Roastery

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 6 AM - 10 PM

Da Nang Souvenirs and Cafe

Da Nang souvenirs and coffee

Photo was taken by Da Nang Souvenirs and Coffee

At first glance, Souvenirs in the name of the cafe probably doesn't look attractive for doing some serious work. We thought the same, but we gave a try to this amazing cafe and we were blown away by its interior design and coziness. This one is definitely a digital nomad friendly cafe! Cafe has many seats and it's just located near Han River in the city center.

There are many tables with wooden chairs, few couches and one the second floor, there is a quiet and comfortable room where you can do serious work. Tables are very wide and power outlets are everywhere (hope you have a long cable).

As this is a souvenir shop too, try to avoid early morning hours as that's the time the tourists usually flock in to get traditional souvenirs and enjoy their time with a delicious and potent coffee. They serve a traditional Vietnamese coffee as well as Italian coffee, fresh smoothies and juices, cocktails and beer. The prices are regular for the center area.

Facebook page: Da Nang Souvenirs and Coffee

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 7:30 AM - 10:30 PM

Golem Cafe

Golem coffee interior

Photo was taken by Golem Cafe

Located just next to Da Nang Cathedral, Golem cafe is one of our favorite work cafes in Da Nang! The interior design is simply amazing and it will keep your creative flow in check, even during the whole day of working. They have a small garden area in front with few tables suitable for work. If you're looking to work outside, be sure that you charged your laptop since they lack power outlets outside.

There is another, an air-conditioned area which is ideal to get some work done, just next to the garden that provides you with the views over the garden.

The tables are very huge and the seats are comfortable for long sessions of work. Also, there is a vast amount of power outlets. There is an upper floor where you can sit and chill the outdoor vibe while doing the work since there are many tables equipped with power outlets. Golem coffee

Photo was taken by Golem Cafe

Their coffee is simply amazing and you can pick between many options. We really enjoyed their coconut coffee and latte. Also, another very interesting thing about Golem cafe is that they have a huge selection of board games! What would be a better way to finish your working day than playing some of your favorite board games with your friends or team?

We haven't experienced any problems when it comes to the internet and the staff was extremely friendly! Definitely a place where you can do some serious work done!

Facebook page: Golem Cafe

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 7 AM - 10 PM

Wonderlust Cafe and Bakery

Wonderlust coffee and bakery

Photo was taken by Wonderlust Coffee and Bakery

From the street, it's a bit hard to say it's a suitable place for getting the job done, but head over the second floor and you'll be positively surprised. The white and black interior with a lot of natural lighting is a very refreshing and motivating for working there.

There are many tables with very comfortable seats where you can sit for hours and do some work, but the only problem is that the power outlets are a bit far away from tables, so don't mind bringing an extension cord with you.

Coffee is very tasty and there are many options when it comes to bakery delicacies. We worked there a few times without any problems with the internet.

Also, the staff is extremely friendly and nice. They always check if you have enough water or tea and give you refill all the time.

Facebook page: Wonderlust Cafe and Bakery

Location: Check on the map!

Working hours: 7 AM - 11 PM

What is your favorite working cafe in Da Nang and why? Please share amazing working places with us!

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