All You Have to Know About Weed in Mui Ne

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Are you looking for an amazing retreat destination in the south of Vietnam? Mui Ne might be the perfect place you'd like to visit as it's located on the southern coast in the middle of the desert. It's the capital of windsurfing in Vietnam as the wind always creates huge waves that are ideal for surfing or windsurfing. Mui Ne is a popular backpacker spot with many parties going on, so if you're looking to get some weed in Mui Ne, you shouldn't be worried!

Streets are filled with cannabis and almost on every step you'll smell some cannabis, especially during the night.

Looking to get some weed in Mui Ne? Keep reading our guide and you'll get complete information on getting and smoking cannabis in this stunning place!

Cannabis Laws in Mui Ne

Always use your common sense while smoking weed in mui ne

Well, the laws in Vietnam are the same everywhere on the paper, but it hugely differs in the practice. On the paper, for the possession of small amounts of cannabis, you can end up in a Vietnamese prison for many years. It's important to note that it's only on the paper, as the law practice related to cannabis is totally different in Vietnam.

If you're scared of getting cannabis in Vietnam, we advise you to check our complete guide on Vietnam cannabis scene. The country still struggles with corruption and communism, and the salaries of police officials are usually low, so they are looking for the way to supplement their salaries every day.

The most common way to do it is by getting the bribes from foreigners, but also from locals. Mui Ne is a small coastal town with many resorts and even more tourists around. It's easy to get your hands on cannabis there, but also, very easy to get stopped and searched by police. Always use your common sense and have a separate wallet just in case you'll face the police in Mui Ne.

Looking for other adventures nearby? Head over to Phan Rang that is a small city located just about 3 hours motorbike drive from Mui Ne. The city is known for its delicious food, local vibe and world's famous kitesurfing. The police will usually ask you for a huge bribe in order to get out of the unpleasant situation, but believe us, you should always bargain.

They will settle with the 30% or even less of the first asking price. Although it really depends on the quantity of cannabis you had on you.

If you had more than 25 grams, then don't try to negotiate and pay the asking price as it can be seen as the distribution or selling purpose.

Just use your common sense, don't be a drunk tourist walking in the middle of the road while smoking joint and yelling on people and you'd be fine. (We saw that scene in Mui Ne quite often!)

Where to Get Weed in Mui Ne

Getting weed in mui ne is extremely easy Getting cannabis in Mui Ne is very easy. You don't need to do almost anything, as the local drivers will always approach you and ask you do you want some weed. They usually hang out near ATMs, so if you can't find them, just head near the ATMs and you will have many offers. The problem is that the weed from street sellers is usually low-quality and under-quantity, so you will have a hard time to get the buzz.

Also, there are many stories of foreigners that got tea or just a grass instead of cannabis, so be careful. We were talking with few people who shared the story of a few backpackers who got snitched by the dealer who sold them cannabis to police. They paid a huge bribe and probably police and dealers are sharing it. Be careful when doing it, and never do it near your place of stay.

Mui Ne area is unfortunately known for many scams going on.

Check out the biggest list of Vietnam scams and how to avoid them. Also, if you've ever got caught by the police, here's a guide on how to deal with Vietnamese police successfully. We bought few bags of cannabis from street dealers and the weed quality is very bad. They always ask for a big price, but you just keep lowering the price and you can get it for a very cheap price.

Also, they are very hesitant to give you the bag to take a look and smell it, but just insist on doing it and they will give it to you. They always have a cigarette pack with many bags inside, so probably some bags are filled with tea, grass or other things that can look like cannabis to the untrained eye.

The deal is always crazy as you will get the weed literally in the middle of a busy street, so be extra careful and check your surroundings always! Another better way to score some weed is by checking the Dragon Beach Club, especially during the weekends. There are always huge parties with locals and foreigners and you will always smell a lot of cannabis there.

Just keep your eyes open and ask around. You will definitely get your hands on weed pretty fast. Also, head over to backpacker hostels and ask people around/front-desk. They will usually help you to connect you with the right people.

Just don't worry! It is a very impossible mission to not get your hands on any weed in Mui Ne.

Cannabis Prices in Mui Ne

In Mui Ne, there are usually two kinds of cannabis - a Vietnamese grown and Cambodian import. Both kinds are very low-potent and won't get you the best high, but it's working a bit.

When we were smoking, the high was lasting maybe for 20 minutes and then you need to roll another one. Also, many people said they had a headache, but we didn't experience it, just crazy red eyes all the time.

When it comes to prices, on the street, dealers will usually ask you for 900,000 VND for Cambodian and 600,000 VND for Vietnamese sort (a baggie of claimed 5 grams that looks like 2 grams at its best). We've got our price lowered from 600,000 VND to 250,000 VND, so always bargain and don't forget to check the bag before buying it.

The prices in the clubs and backpackers hostels are similar and on average you can expect to pay around 500,000 VND for 5 grams of really low-quality cannabis.

Mui Ne is a very interesting small town with stunning beaches and crazy huge waves. If you're into windsurfing or surfing, then you should definitely head over there. Also, there are Red and White sand dunes that look totally out of this world.

Cannabis is very easy to get and relatively safe to smoke there. Just use your common sense and don't get scammed. Enjoy your stay in Mui Ne! :)

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