All You Have to Know About Weed in Hanoi

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So, you've become interested in visiting Vietnam? There's a huge possibility that you'll land in a colorful capital Hanoi. When it comes to weed, cannabis laws are very strict on paper, but in practice, it's a totally different story. Hanoi is a very vibrant city that radiates with culture and tradition. Certain developments were being made, but still, you can walk around the center and enjoy local cuisine, drinks, and vibe. What could be a better way to dip in the experience than lightning some cannabis?

We traveled to Hanoi and did research, so in this article, you'll get all the information on getting and smoking weed in Hanoi.

Cannabis Laws

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Cannabis laws look very strict on the paper, but in the practice is a totally different story. Don't forget to use your common sense and don't be a stereotypical tourist in Asia! ;)

Like we already mentioned, Vietnam has very strict laws when it comes to drugs, and yeah, the government put the weed in the same category as opium and other very destructive drugs. There are many stories and articles about 'horror' stories when it comes to smoking weed in Hanoi, but through our experience and talks with other people, we have a totally different impression. According to their laws, any activity related to cannabis is strictly illegal and you can end up in prison for a long time if you get caught. Also, there are some mentions in the law that you can get executed for cultivating or selling a lot of plants.

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Vietnam recently opened itself to investors, so it's an emerging tourism country, especially for Chinese tourists. When you look at the laws, the majority of them doesn't apply to tourists, especially when we're talking about cannabis.

There are so many expats in Hanoi who are openly smoking around the city and even in some bars. Hanoi is popular for a few bars where you can buy and smoke weed without any trouble. Just use your common sense and smoke in secluded places where you're not surrounded by thousands of tourists and you'll be fine.

In case you get caught with cannabis, you'll probably get outside the trouble by bribing the police. Note #1: Vietnam, as a whole country, is very known for corruption.

Police officers don't have a huge salary and they see the business opportunity when they catch a western tourist. Don't be hesitant to offer a bribe and also don't accept the first price as these bribes are highly negotiable. Just use your common sense all the time and you'll be fine.

Advice: Always have a separated wallet with 500,000 - 1,000,000VND ($20 - $40) in case you have to pay a bribe. The reason for that is, in some cases, police will take everything from your wallet if they notice more money. This amount of money can get you outside small trouble connected with cannabis.

Where to Get Weed in Hanoi

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From taxi drivers, weed-friendly pubs to delivery to your doors. The options are endless!

It's very easy to get your hands on weed in Hanoi, but it's harder to get a good deal. If you don't have much time to explore Hanoi and you want to get cannabis fast, our advice is to visit Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter. During the night hours, the taxi drivers will usually offer you a motorbike ride and marijuana.

If you decide to take cannabis from them you should always check the bag as there are many scams when they put some other herbs or tea instead of cannabis. Also, the prices are high for a schwag you'll get. The price in the Old Quarter is around 200,000VND ($20) for a gram. If you have more time in Hanoi, we suggest you visit a few smoking pubs and bars where you can openly smoke.

There are many places around the city like these, mainly known by expats. Our advice is to join the group with other 16,000 expats in Hanoi and meet up with some to get insights not only for weed in Hanoi.

There are many pubs/bars where you can score decent quality cannabis. Try out the Tet Bar in Hoan Kiem District, Apini Pub near Flower Market or Rastaman Pub in Tay Ho. We know these three places, but there are more places popping out with each day.

Note: Don't be afraid to smoke in these pubs as these are kind of rackets with police. The owners are paying a bribe for a certain period which means no police controls of these pubs during these periods.

There is a delivery guy who can deliver the highest-quality homegrown and imported buds directly to your doorstep! Check out his page and what he's got to offer! :)

Another good way to score some weed is by checking backpacker hostels around Hanoi. These are filled with westerners who are looking for crazy time in Hanoi.

Ask people who're working on reception and they will probably help you out!

Cannabis Prices in Hanoi

Bridge over Red River in Hanoi The prices for a schwag are very low, but also the quality of the bud follows the price. For 5 grams in pubs, you can expect to pay around 200,000VND ($10) which is a great deal. Also, weed quality is decent! If you're buying from taxi drivers, you can expect to get the low-quality schwag filled in a cigarette pack. The price of around 10 grams is around 400,000VND ($20).

Taxi drivers will always ask you for more, but always negotiate the price in Vietnam! There is an option to get your hands on imported kush from Laos and Cambodia, but it will cost you around 500,000VND ($25) for a gram.

The cannabis laws on the paper are very strict, but in the practice, it's very easy to get and smoke cannabis discretely. Just use your common sense to avoid trouble with the police. Also, don't forget to bargain all the time as it's part of the culture in Vietnam! Enjoy your stay in Hanoi! :)

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