Kon Tum

Kon Tum is located in the heart of Central Highlands and is very close to borders with Laos and Cambodia. This is a very peaceful city, as there is nothing too remarkable about it to be contaminated by mass tourism. We really enjoyed the authentic nature of this place, the peaceful vibe, and the people. Also, Kon Tum is known for the ethnic groups around the whole province, which you can visit with an appropriate permission paper.

Pictures From Top Clockwise:
  1. A large Buddha statue in one of the numerous Buddhist temple grounds in Kon Tum
  2. Kids having fun inside and beside the river
  3. A local Rong house of the indigenous population
  4. The Kon Klor Suspension Bridge, which connects Kon Tum with Kon Klor village
  5. Two kids just being happy in the Kon Klor field