We are almost in the middle of our motorbike road trip. Hue is a former capital of Vietnam, and one of the major tourist attractions. It certainly has a local vibe in some parts, but when you hit the center, expect lots of tourists, and luxury restaurants on every corner. If you know where to look, though… Also, the Imperial Citadel is simply worth the look, it is absolutely huge and full of amazing architectural and botanical wonders.

Pictures From Top Clockwise:
  1. The mystic dragon possibly spliced with a lion statue at the entrance of the Imperial City
  2. The woman perfectly synchronizes with the red patterns in this building in the Imperial City
  3. One more example of marvelous architecture in the Imperial City
  4. Colorful patterns on the walls of the Imperial City
  5. The iconic dragon at the Ho Thuy Thien, the abandoned amusement park