Cau Giat

While it seems like nothing remarkable at first sight, Cau Giat is a lovely highway village in the Quỳnh Lưu District. In this village, Antonio volunteered for 3 months and stayed at a local family, which the rest of the team had a chance to meet too. Also, there is a lovely beach just some 10 kilometers away from the village itself!

Pictures From Top Clockwise:
  1. A local moving along with his cow on Quỳnh Phương beach
  2. A local woman dressed appropriately to block the sun on the AH1 that passes through Cau Giat
  3. One of the numerous tight alleys of Cau Giat
  4. A hill overlooking the Quỳnh Phương beach
  5. Having fun with local “young buffalos”