Da Nang Waterfalls – Day Trip to Suoi Mo Hoa Bac

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Running out of ideas for nature getaways from busy Da Nang? You've visited all touristy spots in the city and explored a stunning nature surrounding the city and now, you're asking yourself is there anything more? Well, we've asked ourselves this question countless times. What we did was very simple. Took a motorbike and ride around the city (including Quang Nam) to explore something new.

Lately, we've been very interested in exploring Da Nang waterfalls and lakes. So far, we've explored a few beautiful waterfalls and secluded lakes where you can easily spend a few days camping and relaxing.

Believe us, you'll be surprised how many natural places you can find once you get out of the city and hit the countryside (we're going to write about these places soon).

For now, we'd like to talk about Soui Mo Hoa Bac waterfall that's a perfect spot for a day trip.

How to Get to Suoi Mo Hoa Bac Waterfall?

This one is by far one of the best waterfalls in Da Nang we've had a chance to explore. It's located just about an hour drive from the city. Getting there isn't so complicated, but as you get near the waterfall, be ready for some walking/driving through the jungle. To get a better understanding of its location, here are directions:

No matter where are you starting from, to reach a waterfall you drive in the direction of Hai Van Pass. There are basically two main ways to reach Hai Van Pass - QL1A or Nguyen Tat Thanh Street. We recommend avoiding a busy QL1A as there are hundreds of traffic lights on the way and traffic can be very dangerous since that's the road massive containers and buses take. Nguyen Tat Thanh, on the other hand, has only a few traffic lights and offers an iconic view on Hai Van, a beautiful sandy beach and wide road.

At the end of the street, you're going to connect to QL1A (you can't avoid it), but traffic isn't that crazy anymore like through the city. Continue to follow QL1A until you pass Cau Nam O. After the bridge, you should take the first left turn (Ngo Xuan Thu). Just stay on the road and enjoy the view! The road and its surrounding scenery are beautiful.

You'll follow the river, paddy fields and stunning mountains in a distance. Path to Soui Mo Waterfall Once you get to the marked location, there are two options:

  • you leave the bike (there is a small abandoned house) and walk to the waterfall (around 20 minutes walk)
  • or you drive the bike all the way to waterfall (there is a path full of rocks and it can be tough to drive)

We did both. The first time, we walked as it seemed there is no way we could drive our bikes up there. Once we reached the waterfall area, people told us to get the bike here as there were some bike stealing recently. We returned back for the bike and drove it all the way through a bumpy road full of stones. Not the most comfortable drive, but better be safe than sorry.

The whole way is paved as the waterfall is mainly visited by locals who have nhau there. We went during the weekend and the waterfall was packed with locals enjoying foods and drinks.

It wasn't crowded and you can find the place to have a whole waterfall for yourself.

Handy Tips for Visiting Suoi Mo Hoa Bac Waterfall

We've randomly decided to visit one of the most beautiful Da Nang waterfalls, so the preparation was almost unexistent. However, after the trip to this stunning waterfall, here are some handy tips that will make your trip better:

  • take enough water, snacks, drinks as this place is perfect for relaxing for a whole day
  • not advisable to go after the rainy period since the paved road will be hard or impossible to pass
  • drive your motorbike all the way to the waterfall (there is a security guy who'll watch over your bike for 10,000 VND)
  • don't forget to apply a sunscreen
  • don't hand over any trash to a security guy as he will just throw everything in the river

That would be it! The whole trip is around 30 km and it takes about one hour to reach the waterfall. There are plenty a few pools of crystal clear water and cliffs for jumping. Enjoy your day trip to one of the most beautiful Da Nang waterfalls. Here are some photos from our day trip: Stunning greenery all around Beautiful green valey A way to waterfall Suoi Mo waterfall People enjoying their time at waterfall Plenty of room to relax

Have you ever been to any of Da Nang waterfalls? Please share your experiences with us in a comment section.

Looking for more day-trip ideas from Da Nang? Don't forget to check out our Prao Loop guide and Son Tra Peninsula day trip. Or, if you are a beach bum, check out the best beaches to visit in Da Nang!

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