12 Best Beaches in Da Nang – Choose Your Paradise!

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Da Nang attracts a huge amount of tourists every year for many reasons! It’s not too expensive in Da Nang. The city has international and national airports, which makes it easiest for tourists to travel. Nevertheless, Da Nang is home to stunning beaches. Most of Da Nang's beaches offer delightful vibes, with white sand and blue, clear water. In my opinion, Da Nang is a paradise for holidays and vacations! 

With its 92 km coastline, when we talk about Da Nang, we think of breathtaking beaches with heavenly vibes. With water activities, fresh and cheap seafood, clean white sand, and crystal clear water, the number of tourists visiting da Nang beaches has increased year after year, promising to increase more in the future.

I will show you the famous and worth - visited beaches that ensure bring you paradise! Holidays are when you put down your responsibilities, put on your swimwear, and lie on the beach. Everyone deserves a vacation from time to time, and having the best tips on where to relax is even better! Am I right?

The 12 Best Beaches in Da Nang

Here is the map of all the best beaches you can find in Da Nang!

  1. Tien Sa Beach 
  2. Bai Bac Beach 
  3. Bai Da Den Beach
  4. My Khe Beach 
  5. Non-Nuoc Beach 
  6. Bac My An Beach 
  7. Thanh Binh Beach 
  8. Phuoc My Beach 
  9. Nam O Beach 
  10. Xuan Thieu Beach 
  11. Pham Van Dong Beach
  12. Banana Beach

And here is the list of the 12 best Da Nang beaches that give vibes from relaxing to sporty to party. I also include its atmosphere, scenery, activities, etc. And I hope this guide is helpful.

#1: Tien Sa Beach 

Sunset on Tien Sa Beach.

  • Best for: relaxing, camping overnight, and having BBQ. 
  • Location: 9km from the city center. The road to get here is easy. You can drive a motorbike or use Grab. 
  • Services: water sports, restaurants, bars, showers, camping, hotels, resorts, etc. 
  • Can you swim? Yes! There are lifeguards, your safety will be ensured. 
  • Nearby accommodation: Salsa Danang Beach Hotel, Sheraton Grand Danang Resort & Convention Center, an IHG Hotel, and Danang Marriott Resort & Spa 

Tien Sa Beach hasn’t been discovered much by many ex-pats or Vietnamese so it still has pleasing, natural beauty and blissful vibes! I come here for a relaxing time to unwind and destress after hours of studying and working. It’s still a quiet area and not polluted yet. Weekends with friends for BBQ is my go-to. We buy things to cook from the market, come to Tien Sa Lodge, rent a tent, and camp. 

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#2: Bai Bac Beach 

The magnificent Bai Bac Beach.

  • Best for: relaxing, sightseeing
  • Location: 15km from the city center, getting there by self-drive motorbike or using Grab.
  • Services: water activities, restaurants, bars, showers, camping, hotels, resorts, etc. 
  • Can you swim? Yes, but watch out for the rocks when you swim or walk.
  • Nearby accommodation: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Grand Gold Hotel, Son Tra Resort. 

Bai Bac is quite far from the city center, so those who travel there by motorbike, make sure to prepare enough gas. Remember to bring drinking water and snacks for the way. Bai Bac has been welcoming heads of state and millions of foreign guests for its peaceful beauty, calm sea, and white sand with tropical vibes. If you go during the peak tourist season, remember to book a room in advance. Therefore, you should be aware of preserving the environment. Have fun, but don't litter or affect the plants, flowers, and animals there.

#3: Bai Da Den Beach 

The Black Rock Beach

  • Best for: relaxing, diving, watching the sunset
  • Location: self-drive motorbike or grab cars.
  • Services: water activities, restaurants, bars, showers, camping, hotels, resorts, etc. 
  • Can you swim? Yes, you can, but watch out for the rocks, can easily trip and fall. 
  • Nearby accommodation: Vinpearl Resort and Sapa Danang,

My first impression when I arrived at this tourist destination was the large, black rocks create a unique scene. It is the reason the place is called Bai Da Den - Black Rock Beach. As there are many big and wet rocks, make sure to wear comfortable shoes when going to this attraction and watch out when you swim. Bring insect spray, a hat, sunscreen, some snacks, and drinks, and have your phone and camera fully charged.

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#4: My Khe Beach

Sunrise at My Khe beach.

  • Best for: surfing and sunbathing
  • Location: near the famous ex-pat area called An Thuong.
  • Services: water activities, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, showers, etc.
  • Can you swim? It’s perfect for swimming. There are lifeguards from the morning till late afternoon. 
  • Nearby accommodation: The Dream Suite, Minh Boutique, Gless Furama Pool Villas & Resort Danang.

Often, you will see local surfers come here and ride the waves. My Khe Beach is my surf spot as well. Board rentals and surf lessons are available on the beach. It’s easy to spot surf shops here. My Khe is a long beach with white, fine sand and clean water, and lots of locals visit. There are now food and beverages along the walkway at reasonable prices. It’s a lovely place to sip a beer, chill, and enjoy the view.  

Once you are done enjoying this beach, visit some of the best expat bars in Da Nang for great fun!

#5: Non Nuoc Beach 

Non Nuoc Beach waves

  • Best for: sunbathing and walking along the beach 
  • Location: located about 8km southeast of Da Nang city center. Suitable transportation are motorbike or taxis. 
  • Services: water activities, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, showers, camping, etc.
  • Can you swim? Yes. There is a rescue service. 
  • Nearby accommodation: Melia Danang Beach & Resort, Sun River Hotel & Apartment, TIA Wellness Resort - Spa exclusive 

With fine white sand and turquoise water beach, this destination is like a cool green silk winding gently at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain, creating an extremely natural scene like a painting. I usually visit Marble Mountain for a good hike, buy some crystals for my collection, and sunbathe at Non Nuoc Beach. The beach is quiet before 4 pm. Walking along helps clear out my head and brings out the feeling of peace. It’s a great place to be!

#6: Bac My An Beach 

Palm trees in Bac My An beach.

  • Best for: solitude, watching the sunrise 
  • Location: about 7km from the city center. You get there by driving bikes or getting grabs. 
  • Services: water activities, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, showers, etc.
  • Can you swim? Peaceful place to enjoy the view and clean, clear water to swim and relax. 
  • Nearby accommodations: Daisy Boutique Hotel, VernalHome Boutique, SeaColor Beachstay Danang Hotel by Haviland

This destination attracts tourists for its white, fine sand and blue sea. Moreover, it’s a perfect place to watch the sunset. I often come here to get lost in romantic sky colors and enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea. It’s where I find my tranquility - the most luxurious thing that can not be bought! Bac My An Beach is my favorite beach among all Da Nang beaches! 

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#7: Thanh Binh Beach 

Thanh Binh Beach

  • Best for: spirituality practice and swimming 
  • Location: 3 km away from the city center 
  • Services: water activities, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, showers, etc.
  • Can you swim? low tides and no rip currents, swimming is recommended

Thanh Binh means peace. Indeed whenever I visit this place, I’m amazed by its seclusion. The atmosphere here is peaceful with a sanding beach, and clear, calming water, so poetic! If your personality is INFJ or INFP, this place is for you. You can dive into your thoughts, think about life, watch the waves come and go, meditate, and do yoga without being disturbed. In the chaos, find your inner peace!  

#8: Phuoc My Beach 

Phuoc My Beach

  • Best for: swimming and relaxing
  • Location: 7km from Da Nang International Airport. There is a nearby car parking lot.
  • Services: water activities, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, showers, etc.
  • Can you swim? Absolutely! The water is clean and shallow, and the entrance to the water is smooth. The rescue service is on duty, suitable for families and children. 
  • Nearby accommodation: Chicland Danang Beach Hotel, Chi House Danang Hotel, and Apartment, Monarque Hotel Danang. 

When you visit this beach, join water activities, eat fresh seafood, and visit East Sea Park. Like other Da Nang beaches, this destination attracts both locals and tourists because of how stunning and clean it is! The vibes are heavenly with a soothing beach-like silk, fine white sand, and a splendid view! I don't often visit Phuoc My Beach, but the place is liked by many people so check it out!

#9: Nam O Beach 

Nam-O Beach

  • Best for: having a picnic and doing water activities like fishing, swimming, and surfing but watch out for rocks! 
  • Location: 15km from the city center, easy drive. 
  • Services: water activities, showers, and fresh seafood sold by local vendors only in the morning.
  • Can you swim? Absolutely! But keep an eye on rip current and rocks.
  • Nearby accommodation: Danang Mikizuki Japanese Resort and Spa, Le House Hotel and Studio, Bolero Hotel Danang

As someone who loves surfing and goes wave hunting, I prefer surfing at Nam O beach more than My Khe. Because Nam O beach, during surfing season, the waves are big! Besides surfing, having a picnic, taking pictures, and creating memories with friends are also fun! When it’s green moss season, many people visit this beach. Just bear in mind, don’t litter here and help pick up trash as there are not many people around to clean up the mess like on other beaches.

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#10: Xuan Thieu Beach  

Red Beach in Da Nang.

  • Best for: swimming, walking, and participating in canoeing, jet skiing, tug of war, beach volleyball, etc 
  • Location: about 13km northwest of Da Nang city center
  • Services: water activities, showers, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, resorts, hotels, etc. 
  • Can you swim? Safe to swim 
  • Nearby accommodation: Avenis Hotel, Danang Mikazuki Villas and Spa, Gia Loi Hotel

Xuan Thieu Beach is in the Lien Chieu district, about 3 kilometers South of Nam O Beach. When it is sunset, the sky paints red color down on the sea, creating a painting that only exists in your imagination! Which is why the place has another name - Red Beach. I’m attracted to Red Beach for its charming, mysterious, and poetic scenery. It brings out some feelings and memories that you will never forget! 

#11: Pham Van Dong Beach 

Pham Van Dong Beach

  • Best for: paragliding, sunbathing, and swimming.
  • Location: about 13km northwest of Da Nang city center
  • Services: water activities, showers, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, resorts, hotels, lively events, festivals, etc. 
  • Can you swim? You can as the waves are small and there are lifeguards. 
  • Nearby accommodation: Four Points by Sheraton Danang, Sala Danang Beach Hotel, TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach, Sel de Mer Hotel, and Suits. 

Another stunning beach to unwind! Pham Van Dong Beach is well-known by both locals and ex-pats. There is a park near here with green grass. In the afternoon you will catch some people doing exercise. Nearby are seafood restaurants and bars like Esco Beach. I usually come here for morning exercise as there is an outdoor gym, then dip in the water. Definitely recommend this beach.

#12: Banana Beach 

Banana beach

  • Best for: relaxing and sightseeing. 
  • Location: about 17 km away from Da Nang City
  • Services: no beach facilities yet, no water sports or activities. 
  • Can you swim? Yes, but there is no rescue service. Only swim if you trust you are a good swimmer. 
  • Nearby accommodation: Avenis Hotel, Danang Mikazuki Villas and Spa, Gia Loi Hotel

Banana Beach is the furthest if you travel from Da Nang. It is one of the beaches in the territory of Lang Co Bay, located between Hue and Da Nang.  Banana Beach has its unique beauty. It's charming and poetic. Driving on motorbikes is most recommended at this attraction. The place is still a natural beach with no works of humans on it yet. So prepare some food, drinks, a beach towel, and all the things you think you will need for the trip.

When is the best time to visit Da Nang for its beaches?

Chilling on My Khe Beach in Da Nang.

The best time to visit this city is during the dry season. Da Nang City has two seasons: dry season and wet season. The dry season starts from March to September. The hottest months are from June to August. The temperature can go above 40 degrees Celsius! So make sure to prepare sun protection, hats, etc.

The dry season is also the busiest season as tourists will travel here to enjoy the beach, eat seafood, and do some water sports. Unlike the dry season, the wet season comes with heavy rain, strong currents, and sometimes storms or typhoons.

Crazy, right? If you try to avoid getting wet or stuck at home, try not to visit Da Nang from October to March. During the wet season, the temperature is approximately below 25 degrees Celsius. So, up to you to decide what season you prefer. 

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How many beaches are there in Da Nang?

There are many beaches stretching along Da Nang.

Hard to give an exact number on how many Da Nang beaches are there, but one thing I know for sure is there are 12 most beautiful beaches. Waves here are not too big unless there are storms. The water is crystal clear and not polluted.

Most people consider Da Nang's beach vibes similar to Australia or Miami Beach vibes. Often, you see surfers riding waves to waves or people partying on the beach all night long.

Coastal and marine plants are found rich along with colorful seashells for you to pick up and keep as souvenirs or make jewelry. In my opinion, you should try to visit all Da Nang beaches if you can. 

Are there jellyfish in Da Nang?

Watch out for jellyfish in Da Nang!

Yes, there are jellyfish but not too many that will freak you out! You can swim in the sea. Jellyfish appear more during the wet season. And yes, jellyfish in Da Nang beaches sting you.

If you run into them, leave them alone and swim away. Especially poisonous jellyfish. Getting stung by them causes itching, severe burns, and blisters. If you are unlucky and stung by them, Discovery Channel said that peeing where you get stung helps reduce the pain. Just a tip in case that happens. 

Take a Break on the Best Beaches in Da Nang!

With the best Da Nang beaches to explore, you don't have to worry about running out of spots to relax or party. The mix of cultural exchange, the vibes, cool and fun water activities, and the freshness of seafood have attracted more and more tourists to Da Nang City.

So take a break, buy a ticket, come to Da Nang, catch some waves, and make some friends! A break from where you always are is a necessity. Da Nang beach life is a luxury. It’s a dream that cannot be bought but can only be experienced! 

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