Laos is yet another remnant of the French Indochina and is the only landlocked part of this former colonial region. After its independence, the new socialist country of Laos has long searched for its place in the region. Being landlocked brings many challenges to the development of infrastructure. Still, the tourism potential has helped in boosting the economy of Laos. The mountains and jungles of Laos attract hordes of foreign visitors each year, which fall in love with the vibrant culture influenced by Buddhism and the values of ethnic minorities inhabiting this wonderful land. Laos is mostly rural, as 80% of its population resides in these areas, so you can imagine that modernization is still not a huge thing here. That fact translates fluidly to the communities around Laos, as lots of volunteers around the world come to make Laos a better place to live in. From the hydro energetic and touristic potential of the Mekong River to the tranquil capital Vientiane to the mountainous northern region, Laos is a true delight for adventurers willing to explore an authentic and vibrant culture that is subtly interwoven with the environment surrounding it.

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