About Us

Antonio Gabrić

Antonio is a long-term traveler with a deep passion in exploring off-the-beaten-paths around the world. Currently, he’s living in Da Nang city and when he’s not busy pushing the new content, he enjoys taking his motorbike around Vietnam or Laos. Some of the most remarkable experiences were teaching English in a remote village located in central Laos countryside, Nakai town. Or, living in a rural Nghe An Province while helping a local community with their English. Or, driving with the worst ‘Honda’ Win around the country experiencing daily breakdowns. Or, just read a few stories on our blog to get more information about our journey and adventures. 

David Gabrić

David is a curious individual and an avid photographer seeking inspiration on a daily basis. After doing a motorbike trip around Vietnam, he found the new frontier for expanding his photography skillset. Also, he learned how to ride a bike for the first time in the chaotic Hanoi traffic. He enjoys Vietnamese food, and always fills up the plates with questionable amounts of chilli. When he travels, he gets in full flow mode, so he makes sure that he travels very often. Still has to learn how to ride a manual bike, and get an actual driving licence! Very shoddy at karaoke.

Our Journey

At first, Antonio went to Vietnam to volunteer in the countryside of the north. He really liked his time there, so he stayed for 4 months exploring the countryside, learning about people and teaching English and other useful skills to the community. During that time, he fell in love with Vietnam, so he decided to stay even more and move to Vietnam to live.

After some time, David joined him for an epic motorbike trip across the whole country with the bikes.We experienced many ups and downs on our trip, but all of that made us stronger and better persons. Also, our connection became so much stronger and we decided to share our story with people around the world.

We started to visit Vietnam and surrounding countries every year, and so far, we traveled around Cambodia and Laos on our beloved motorbikes. Hopefully, in the years to come, we’ll all relocate to Vietnam and explore every single corner of breathtaking country and share it with you.

Our Mission

We want to help you with the information when it comes to planning a trip around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

We will share specific routes that we took during our trip and why we think these routes can provide you with a stunning experience.

But, it’s not all we want to share!

We fell in love with Vietnam and we want to share our love for the country with you!

On the site, you will be able to find so many details about the places, culture, and traditions which will prepare you for a cultural shock you might experience when traveling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Also, we want to travel and live in specific places around Vietnam for a month and providing you with detailed information about the place and people. During our journeys, we’re going to support local communities, especially people in the countryside.

If you’re sharing the same values as us, feel free to reach us out and let’s make the world a better place.